A Ful(l)stack Dev Journey

Hello, World!

Hello, world!

Yep, this is a compulsory ‘Hello, world’ tradition for anyone learning to code. Also, because this blog will be filled with technical documentation of my journey as a software engineer. Hopefully. Oops.. 🙈

It’s always a cliché for a dev starting many blog with different stack, but few, if not none, truly last. I didn’t say that’s wrong, maybe their intention is really just trying new toys, not blogging. But for me, this one right now I really intend to make it as my personal documentation about works I’ve done in the past. Of course I couldn’t write any details of the project, but I will try to document any technical lessons, for the future me.

Honestly, I’ve realized for long, that I often googling the same problem for different projects. I always want to make my own documentation, but I always make excuse got no time for that. So, hopefully this site will serve this purpose. If by any chance, you also find it useful, please mention me in X or wherever you can find me. It will boost my motivation to keep this site alive 😆